“A specific cultural perspective doesn’t simply inform Ink; it embodies it fully—in setting, characterizations, plot, points of view, themes, and style. As with Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath, and Octavia Butler’s Kindred, Vourvoulias’ Ink also offers transformative potential. For the social, spiritual, and personal value of engaging a cultural perspective that can simultaneously call for and make possible meaningful and positive social change in the world, every American adult should read this book right now.

~ Morgen Rich

“Vourvoulias’s Ink is a complex novel. It is social and political and it is clearly informed not only by history but also by present political events. Vourvoulias tackles the subjects of genocide and xenophobia and while Vourvoulias’s characters all own magic to some degree, it isn’t a magic that magically saves them or the world, but it is a magic that helps them to heal and become stronger in the face of the suffering and the opposition they must endure.”

~ Chie and Weng Read Books

“Some reviewers compared Ink to Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, because both show near-future US societies based on plausible extrapolations. But whereas The Handmaid’s Tale is straight dystopia, Ink is more than that. Ink is a nagual, like one of its protagonists: a twinned being, a shapeshifter – something common in non-Anglo literature that has left its genre boundaries porous instead of having them patrolled by purity squads.”

~ Athena Andreadis on Starship Reckless

“[Ink] urges us to project something other than the evil of defensive nationalism. The extent of neoliberalism’s penetration into daily life can often make us feel that the future is already written and we need fight only to survive it. Vourvoulias reminds us that we might yet fight for another kind of future.”

~ Los Angeles Review of Books

“If Margaret Atwood were Latina, this eerily believable depiction of where U.S. immigration policy is heading is the novel she would have written instead of The Handmaid’s Tale.”

~ Latinidad, selecting Ink for their “Best Books of 2012” list

“Funny thing about labels, it’s a love-hate relationship. We love them when we choose them for ourselves and we hate them when they are chosen for us. Labels, tattoos, IDs, whether they are identifying physical, emotional, spiritual, inherent qualities, they will always be an awkward political, social, and personal subject. In her debut novel, INK, Sabrina Vourvoulias initiates an intricate and tricky discourse on this love-hate relationship that each of us has with labels, a discussion that is overdue.”

~ Sententia Vera

“Readers who allow themselves to be drawn into the fantasy will find Sabrina Vourvoulias’ story both depressing and constantly arresting, enjoying several surprises along the route. In the end comes an inkling of hopefulness for disbanding the tea bagger hold on liberty, but that’s not certain. Vourvoulias won’t let you off that easy.”

~ La Bloga

“A chilling tale of American apartheid, and the power of love, myth and community.”

~ Reforma

“Readers will be moved by this call for justice in the future and the present.”

~ Publisher’s Weekly

“In Ink, Vourvoulias masterfully weaves an increasingly complex parallel universe at once fantastical and eerily familiar: a not-so-farfetched future world where myth and legend cohabit with population control schemes, media cover-ups, and subcutaneous GPS trackers. She takes us on a whirlwind, goose-bump-inducing exploration of the dualities of life and death, the light and darkness of the human spirit, the indelibility of ink as both marker and recorder of our lives and the shape-shifting, vile nature of colonialism and bigotry. By the time you reach the novel’s bittersweet ending, you will know: this story is as immortal as the souls of the nahuales of our ancestors’ lore, and perhaps just as powerful.”

~ Elianne Ramos, vice-chair of Latinos in Social Media (LATISM)

“[Ink] is a politically- and socially-charged book, and overall a pretty good read.”

Escape Pod

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